Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in Bybit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in Bybit


What is the Bybit Subaccount?

Subaccounts allow you to manage smaller standalone Bybit accounts nested under a single Main Account to achieve certain trading objectives.

What is the maximum number of Subaccounts allowed?

Each Bybit Main Account can support up to 20 Subaccounts.

Does Subaccounts have a minimum balance requirement?

No, there is no minimum balance required to keep a Subaccount active.



Why is KYC required?

KYC is necessary to improve security compliance for all traders.

Do I need to register for KYC?

If you want to withdraw more than 2 BTC a day, you’ll need to complete your KYC verification.
Please refer to the following withdrawal limits for each KYC level:
KYC Level Lv. 0
(No verification required)
Lv. 1 Lv. 2
Daily Withdrawal Limit 2 BTC 50 BTC 100 BTC
**All token withdrawal limits shall follow BTC index price equivalent value**
You may receive a KYC verification request from Bybit.

How will my personal information be used?

The information you submit is used to verify your identity. We will keep your personal information private.                                                                                                                                                                        

How long does the KYC verification process take?

The KYC verification process takes approximately 15 minutes.

Due to the complexity of information verification, KYC verification may take up to 48 hours.                                                                                                                                                                      

What should I do if the KYC verification process fails for more than 48 hours?

If you encounter any problems with KYC verification, kindly contact us via LiveChat support, or drop an email to [email protected].

How will the company and individual information I submit be used?

The information you submit will be used to verify the identity of the company and individual(s). We will keep company and individual documents confidential.


Will there be any transaction fees if I purchase crypto via Bybits fiat service providers?

Most service providers charge transaction fees for crypto purchase. Please check the official website of the respective service provider for the actual fee.

Will Bybit charge any transaction fee?

No, Bybit will not charge users any transaction fee.

Why is the final price quote from the service provider different from the quote I saw on Bybit?

The prices quoted on Bybit are derived from prices provided by third-party service providers, and are for references only. It may differ from the final quote due to market movement or rounding error. Please refer to the respective service providers official website for accurate quotes.

Why is my final exchange rate different from the one I saw on the Bybit platform?

The figures stated on Bybit only serves to be indicative and are quoted based on the traders last inquiry. It does not dynamically change based on the price movement of the cryptocurrency. For the final exchange rates and figures, please refer to our third party providers’ website.

When will I receive the cryptocurrency I purchased?

The cryptocurrency is usually deposited into your Bybit account in 2 to 30 minutes after purchase. It may take longer, however, depending on blockchain network condition and service level of the respective service provider. For new users, it may take up to one day.


How long does it take to withdraw my funds?

Bybit supports immediate withdrawal. The processing time depends on the blockchain and its current network traffic.Please take note that Bybit process some withdrawal requests 3 times a day at 0800, 1600 and 2400 UTC. The cutoff time for withdrawal requests will be 30 minutes before the scheduled withdrawal processing time.

For example, all requests made before 0730 UTC will be processed at 0800 UTC. Requests made after 0730 UTC will be processed at 1600 UTC.


— Once you have successfully submitted a withdrawal request, all the remaining bonuses in your account will be cleared to zero.

Is there a maximum amount limit for a single instant withdrawal?

Currently, yes. Please refer to the details below.
Coins Wallet 2.01 Wallet 1.02
BTC ≥0.1
ETH ≥15
EOS ≥12,000
XRP ≥50,000
USDT Unavailable Refer to withdrawal limit3
Others Support instant withdrawal. Refer to withdrawal limit3 Support instant withdrawal. Refer to withdrawal limit3
  1. Wallet 2.0 supports immediate withdrawal.
  2. Wallet 1.0 supports processing all withdrawal requests 3 times a day at 0800,1600 and 2400 UTC.
  3. Please refer to KYC daily withdrawal limit requirements.

Is there a fee for deposit or withdrawal?

Yes. Please take note of the various withdrawal fees that will be incurred for all withdrawals from Bybit.
Coin Withdrawal Fees
AAVE 0.16
AGLD 6.76
ANKR 318
AXS 0.39
BAT 38
BCH 0.01
BIT 13.43
BTC 0.0005
CBX 18
CHZ 80
COMP 0.068
CRV 10
DASH 0.002
DOT 0.1
DYDX 9.45
EOS 0.1
ETH 0.005
FIL 0.001
GODS  5.8
GRT 39
ICP 0.006
KLAY 0.01
KSM 0.21
LINK 0.512
LTC 0.001
LUNA 0.02
MKR 0.0095
NU 30
OMG 2.01
PERP 3.21
QNT 0.098
SOL 0.01
SRM 3.53
TRIBE 44.5
UNI 1.16
USDT (ERC-20) 10
USDT (TRC-20) 1
WAVE 0.002
XLM 0.02
XRP 0.25
YFI 0.00082
ZRX 27

Is there a minimum amount for deposit or withdrawal?

Yes. Please note the list below for our minimum withdrawal amounts.
Coin Minimum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal
BTC No minimum 0.001BTC
ETH No minimum  0.02ETH
EOS No minimum  0.2EOS
XRP No minimum  20XRP
USDT(ERC-20) No minimum  20 USDT
USDT(TRC-20) No minimum  10 USDT
DOGE No minimum  25 DOGE
DOT No minimum  1.5 DOT
LTC No minimum 0.1 LTC
XLM No minimum 8 XLM
UNI No minimum 2.02
SUSHI No minimum  4.6
YFI 0.0016
LINK No minimum  1.12
AAVE No minimum  0.32
COMP No minimum  0.14
MKR No minimum  0.016
DYDX No minimum  15
MANA No minimum  126
AXS No minimum 0.78
CHZ No minimum 160
ADA No minimum 2
ICP No minimum  0.006
KSM 0.21
BCH No minimum  0.01
XTZ No minimum  1
KLAY No minimum  0.01
PERP No minimum  6.42
ANKR No minimum  636
CRV No minimum  20
ZRX No minimum 54
AGLD No minimum 13
BAT No minimum 76
OMG No minimum  4.02
USDC No minimum  50
QNT No minimum  0.2
GRT No minimum  78
SRM No minimum  7.06
SOL No minimum  0.21
FIL No minimum  0.1


What are the differences between spot trading and contracts trading?

Trading spot is a bit different than contracts trading, as you do actually need to own the underlying asset. Crypto spot trading requires traders to purchase a crypto, such as Bitcoin, and hold it until the value increases, or use it to buy other altcoins that they think may rise in value.

In the crypto derivatives market, investors do not own the actual crypto. Rather, they trade based on speculation of the crypto market price. Traders can choose to go long if they expect the value of the asset to rise, or they can go short if the value of the asset is expected to fall.

All transactions are done on contract, so there is no need to purchase or sell any actual assets.

What is Maker/Taker?

Traders preset the quantity and order price and place the order into the order book. The order waits in the order book to be matched, thus increasing the market depth. This is known as a maker, which provides liquidity for other traders.

A taker occurs when an order is executed instantly against an existing order in the order book, thus decreasing the market depth.

What is the Bybit spot trading fee?

Bybit charges Taker and Maker a 0.1% trading fee.

What are Market Order, Limit Order and Conditional Order?

Bybit provides three different order types — Market Order, Limit Order, and Conditional Order — to meet the various needs of traders.

Order Type


Executed Price

Quantity Specification


Market Order


Traders are able to set the order quantity, but not the order price. The order will be filled immediately at the best available price in the order book.  


Filled at the best available price.

— Base currency (USDT) for Buy Order

— Quote currency for Sell Order


Limit Order


Traders are able to set both the order quantity and order price. When the last traded price reaches the set order limit price, the order will be executed.


Filled at the limit price or best available price.


— Quote currency for Buy and Sell Order


Conditional Order


Once the last traded price meets the preset trigger price, a conditional market and conditional taker limit order will be filled immediately, while a conditional maker limit order will be submitted to the order book once triggered to be filled pending execution.


Filled at the limit price or best available price.


— Base currency (USDT) for Market Buy Order


— Quote currency for Limit Buy Order and Market/Limit Sell Order

Why cant I enter the quantity of cryptocurrency that I wish to purchase when using Market Buy Orders?

Market Buy Orders are filled with the best available price in the order book. It’s more accurate for traders to fill in the amount of assets (USDT) they wish to use to purchase the cryptocurrency, instead of the amount of cryptocurrency to purchase.
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